Janelle Dinosaurs joins GCC April 27-30

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Friday, April 29, 6 - 8pm

This workshop is for students who have an interest in contortion and would like to dip a toe in the water. We start slowly with discussion of fundamental concepts and techniques for building the strength, control and awareness to highlight deep flexibility. In addition to challenging stretches, we delve into the importance of a structured warm-up and cool-down as well as strategies for listening to your body and safely developing flexibility. 

CIRQUE-PSYCHE - Perfectionism in Circus

Saturday, April 30, 9am-11am

Circus attracts folks who are willing to work hard and try to achieve the impossible. We, as a community, seem to have a high rate of perfectionism. Perfectionism can do us a lot of mental and emotional harm if we leave it unchecked. But perfectionism is not just an individual trait! It is created and maintained by unequal systems that trick us into believing some people are inherently more valuable than others. In this workshop, we will explore sneaky signs of perfectionism, individual strategies to manage it, and how to recognize and resist some of the larger systemic issues that reinforce perfectionism. 

Saturday, April 30, 11:30am-1:00pm

70% of human communication is non-verbal. What do you want to communicate to your audience? In this workshop, students will learn to use physicality and gesture to add purpose and interest to all your aerial performances. We will examine Laban movement analysis as applied to aerial and students will learn exploratory activities they can use throughout their careers to develop and fine tune their movement.  This workshop is appropriate for aerialists who can string together 3+ skills in the air.

Pricing: Movement workships $65 each or both for $120

Cirque-Psyche workshop $30

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Brett Copes / Fight or Flight Entertainment joins GCC May 28

Practical Applications for Performer Rigging

12pm - 6pm, $150

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Mandy Hackman joins GCC July 30

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